The Warriors is a class for children aged 4-7 years. It is an introductory class to Taekwondo and caters specifically to the needs of the much younger.
During classes we work on confidence building, team work, light discipline, co-ordination skills, basic Taekwondo skills and most importantly of all, we have fun!
Children undergo a syllabus of 3 yellow tabs to prepare them for their first belt in Taekwon-Do.
This class gives our young children of Taekwon-Do a chance to learn, grow and blossom into awesome martial artists.

It makes me very proud to see that some of our very first Warriors are now black belts!!



The Juniors is a class which caters for children aged 8 to 14. In this class we train very hard but also have a lot of fun. We teach the students line work, patterns, sparring, destruction, special technique, self defence and much more. All of which is all part of our syllabus.
At the start of our classes we have a warm up in which the students will improve on balance and co-ordination which helps with stamina, reflexes, self confidence and fitness.
In our Junior classes we also have open discussions about bullying and how to deal with it.

It is in this class we see our students really begin to shine and develop in their Taekwon-Do career.



Our Senior classes is a 90 minute session and is a lot more intense. 
Here our students learn the true meaning of fitness and stamina.
The class begins with a good, strenuous warm up. This may be a circuit, bag work, pad work or even a game.
Students continue to learn an develop new and old skills. Students practice, question and challenge techniques in more depth than ever before.
Senior students take their sparring skills to a whole new level and have more competing opportunities.
Our Senior class caters for beginners and advanced students. The contrast in ages and grades within the senior class works very well and every body learn from each other.

It is in this class we see our students progress to black belt where they will mature into individual martial artists and their training will only just begin!

About Us

Here at Taekwon-Do Academy of Wales we run classes three times a week for students aged 4 years +.

We divide our classes into three different levels.

We have the Warriors which is an introductory class for beginners aged 4-7 years old.

This is then followed by the Juniors class which is a slighty more intense class for students aged 8-14 years old.

Finally this is followed by a Senior class, which is a more disciplined, hour and a half session, for students aged 15+ or those of a higher grade.

In addition to this we hold one mixed ages and ability class a week



Our mixed class caters from young to old and from low to high grades.
It is a 1 hour session and is slightly more relaxed than the weekday classes.
This class is particularly beneficial for families wanting to train all together at the same time.
During this class we have time to look at finer details and to challenge and discover new techniques.
We are able to have fun, work hard and still have time to slowly unpick the martial art to get all the answers we require.

This class identifies the committed students that are willing to get out of bed to train at 9.00am on a saturday morning!


This is one of our newer classes. One-to-one sessions are now being offered to all students of TAOW.
The one-to-one sessions are beneficial to students that may be finding it difficult to grasp their patterns, or certain techniques in a group class situation. These sessions also cater for pupils wanting extra help or training in preparation for gradings/competitions.
These sessions also welcome new students who may lack confidence to be able to enter a group class straight away.
These classes need to be booked in advance so that TAOW instructors have time to plan and prepare the session based around the individual students needs.
During these sessions students will be provided with a progression plan that is completely catered to the student and their learning.
These classes are available in 3 different options; 30 mins, 45 mins or 60 mins.



New to January 2016!!

This is the newest of all our classes and has only recently opened.

We are now offering a half an hour class to tots ages 2-4 years.

These classes will consist of fun, games, and freedom. (with a few punches and kicks thrown in there!) 

We will work on hand, eye co-ordination, confidence building, as well as concentration, listening to instructions and team work.

The only requirements for the tots class is that your child is able to walk unaided (this requirement does not apply to children with disabilities).

Parents must stay on site during the class. You can choose to join in with your tot or join the other parents in our waiting room with a nice cuppa.
(we understand how precious half and hour peace and a hot cuppa can be!)


Taekwon-Do Academy of Wales - Contact Miss Hollie Roberts 07979145894

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