Courtesy (Ye ui)                 To be polite to one’s instructors, seniors and fellow students.


Integrity (Yom chi)             To be honest with oneself, one must be able to define right from


Perseverance (In nae)        To achieve a goal, whether it is a higher grade or any technique, one
                                         must not stop trying, one must persevere.


Self Control (Guk gi)          To lose one’s temper when performing techniques against an 

                                        opponent can be very dangerous and shows lack of control. To be
to live, work and train within ones capability shows good self


Indomitable Spirit             To show courage when you and your principles are pitted against
(Baekjul Boolgool)             overwhelming odds.


1. I shall observe the Tenets of Taekwon-Do

2. I shall respect my Instructor and Senior 

3. I shall never misuse Taekwon-Do 

4. I shall be a champion of freedom and justice

5. I shall build a more peaceful world 

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