Sine Wave


The sine wave is created by bending the knee, raising and then stepping forward all in a smooth flowing motion.
It can be explained as ‘down, up, down’ and can be displayed as



The Sine Wave consists of different motions: normal motion, continuous motion, fast motion, connecting motion, slow motion and natural movement. Each motion is made up of techniques, Sine Waves and breaths.


Normal motion – 1 technique, 1 sine wave, 1 breath


Continuous motion – 2 techniques, 2 sine waves, 1 continuous breath


Fast motion – 2 techniques, 1 full, 1 incomplete sine wave (1 ½ sine waves), 2 breaths


Connecting motion – 2 techniques, 1 sine wave, 1 breath


Slow motion – 1 technique, 1 sine wave, 1 breath (all performed in a slow motion)


Natural movement – Although, technically not considered a ‘motion’ this type of
                                        movement describes techniques that are neither fast nor slow.  

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