Show Spectacular DVDs are now on sale!!

Hollie and the team would like to say a huge thanks you to John Curzon (Jamie's Grandad) for filming the show and giving up his time to make the DVDs. Mr Curzon has very kindly said that he does not want any reimbursement for the cost of the DVDs and time and so we are very lucky enough to be able to say that all proceeds from the sale of DVDs will be going straight in the big pot!!

Thanks you very much Mr Curzon! This is very generous of you and we are extremely grateful! :)

A big congratulations to Chief Instructor - Miss Roberts and her family on buying their first home!

Good luck to you all, we hope you settle in quickly.

A huge congratulations to our very own Alex Lee on passing his 1st Dan Black Belt. Very well deserved Alex. You dug deep and found it in you to see the grading through.

Also to our amazing Finnbar Murphy on passing his 2nd Dan Black Belt. You have come such a long way from the tiny little boy that joined TAOWales all those years ago. And what a year it has been for you! Not only have you passed your 2nd Dan, you also passed your driving test and have become and official Instructor at TAOWales.

Hollie and everybody else are very proud of you both!

Our Parents Team now consists of 10 parents!!
This is amazing.

Hollie and the Black Belt team would like to thank all members that dedicate their time, input and ideas to the club.
They would especially like to thank everyone for the time, effort and hard work you put in to help make the show the success it was.

Thanks guys, you're always appreciated! :)

Well, well, well, what an amazing start to the year!
I think everyone will agree that the TAOWales Show Spectacular was just that!

Hollie and the team would like to thank everyone that attended the show as well as all the students that participated and the parents team for helping out.

They would also like to thank all supporting partners and donations that were made.

Hollie would personally like to thank the team of black belts that put a lot of time and effort into helping produce the show and also keeping things together back stage!

Taekwon-Do Academy of Wales - Contact Miss Hollie Roberts 07979145894

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